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A Time to Prepare for Christ's Coming  Print PDF
Scripture: Isaiah 2:1-5 - Matthew 24:36-44
By: Pastor Ralph Cotten  
Date: 11/29/2009 Series: 28 Days of Advent Study Number: 1 Duration:

1. Discuss: What is your favorite Christmas movie?
Read Matthew 24:36-55

2. From what you have heard in the past, what is Advent all about?

3. It can be said that Christ’s coming happens at three different times.

a. Christ came the first time in __________________________________
Read Matthew 2:1 for an answer

b. Christ comes to us ___________________________________ as we live our lives in faith.
Read 2 Corinthians 5:17 for an answer

c. Christ will come in _______________ to ___________________________
Read Matthews 24:44 and Matthews 25:31-46 for an answer.

4. If Christ’s coming is an event that happens in the past, present and future, what do each of those events provide for us as Christian people?
a. Christ’s coming at Bethlehem brings us ____________________________
b. Christ’s coming to us today brings us ______________________________
c. Christ’s coming again in the future will bring us _____________________

5. Think about Dickens A Christmas Carol. The ghosts of Christmas past, present and future haunted Scrooge. What was the result in his life? How did he change as a result of his reflection on his past, present and future?

6. What do you celebrate about your church and your faith in the past, present and future?
How do you see the church’s past, present and future? What is your vision for your life in the life of the church present and future?

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