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Scripture: Isaiah 35:1-10 - Matthew 11:2-11

By: Pastor Ralph Cotten
Date: Sunday, December 13, 2009 Study Number: 12

DISCUSS: When was the last time you “danced in the streets for joy”?

1. IN contrast to how God destroys (ch 34) what will happen to the land and people he saves?
a. What does the image of the crocus bursting into bloom convey?
b. What does this show about the ultimate purpose of God’s judgment?

2. What effect will this spring-like salvation have on people? (vv 5-10)
a. When do you think such everlasting joy will come?

3. Are such physical transformation meant to be taken literally, or figuratively? If figuratively, then what does each mean? Does Isaiah have in view the work of the Messiah (see Luke 7:22; Jn 14:6)?

4. What pressures are “causing your hands and knees to tremble” now?
a. How might the message of verse 4 bring strength to you?
b. When you have given up trying to reach God, how has he come to you?

5. Is the water of God’s Spirit more like a flooded spring or a plugged faucet in your life now? Why?
a. What will it take to release all the joy of the redeemed in your life?

6. Jesus claims to be “the Way” (Jn 14-6) What insight does that give you into the meaning of Isaiah 35:8?
7. How are you doing on this “Highway to Holiness?”
a. Cruising on Auto-pilot?
b. Running out of gas?
c. Stuck off to the side
d. Still trying to find the onramp?

How can others in the group help you get on and stay on that Way?

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