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For the People of Haiti
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Dear United Methodist Friends:

United Methodist Communications continues to provide breaking news and resources related to the Haiti earthquake at  Updates include:

Music Video
A United Methodist composer has offered a song “to inspire people in the midst of all the hopelessness and despair.”  The music video includes images from Haiti. Continue >>

Survivor Stories
“We were entrapped – five of us in that one eight-by-eight foot section,” said the Rev. Jim Gulley, who was in Haiti doing work for The United Methodist Church when the earthquake struck. Watch and read stories from Gulley, humanitarian official Dr. Sarla Chand, and Gary and Kay Walla. Continue >>

U.S. Haitian Congregation

Members of First Haitian United Methodist Church in Salisbury, Md., gathered for worship on Sunday. Many members have lost family and friends who live in Haiti. Continue >>

UMCOR continues to receive gifts online.  Checks can be made to UMCOR with "Advance #418325 Haiti Emergency" in the memo line. Continue >>

Coverage and Resources
United Methodist News Service will send a reporter and photographer to Haiti on Wednesday.

Continue to check and
for news as well as worship and communications resources.
Letter from Moses Family
Our Missions

Dear Sponsor:

It is a pleasure to having you accept to sponsor our family..


Read the full letter

Klement Thank You Letter
Our Missions

Shown below are two letters, his original letter and the translated version of that letter..



Click on letter to view full size.


Below is the original letter




Below is the translation of his letter



The Balazs Family
Our Missions
Sponsored by Jill and Dale Milhocko
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The Balazs family resides in a village north of Cluj, in northern Romania. Their small home is supplied with electricity and water. A terracotta stove is used for cooking and heating. Stefan is a veterinary assistant. He usually makes the 7-mile commute on his bicycle but in poor weather pays to hitchhike. Ecaterina is a homemaker. She lacks job qualifications and employment opportunities are scarce. She makes handcrafts to sell in the market centers. stefan must save for months to afford enough firewood. Winters can be long and harsh. It is a challenge to provide the children with nutritious food, clothing, shoes, health care and school supplies.
Klement Maloku
Our Missions
Sponsored by John & Debbie Settleberg
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Klement lices with his parents and 1 sister. His parents struggle to provide for the family. His father is a seasonal worker. Despite their efforts it is difficut to meet the family's needs.

Klement is growing up in the mountainous country of Albania. The village is very rural and poor. Their single floor homes are constructed of stones and sometimes logs or sticks, with mud for mortar. Farmers grow citrus fruit and vegetables. Bread and dairy products are also staple foods. This is a beautiful country with forests, mountains and lakes. Summers are hot and dry but the winters are cold.


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